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Bloody Stools = Bloody Disgusting

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Bloody Stools = Bloody Disgusting

worst vintage t-shirts

In this section I highlight the worst vintage t-shirts ever created. No, I don’t mean Bad in the 1980s Michael Jackson way … I mean: offensive, vile, in poor taste, politically incorrect, or just plain ugly.

the bloody stools tshirt

T-Shirt: Bloody Stools

Type: Band

Offense: Gross-Out

Uses: Toilet Rag

Information on this band is tough to find, and even tougher to search through. If you Google them you’ll find a lot of medical diagnosis that’s more disgusting than the cover of their 1991 album.

After weeding through all the crap, I finally find out they were a metal band…surprise, surprise, that was put together as a gag by some sound engineers. Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Sabastian Bach and Dave Sabo all made guest appearances on the album. Hey, that’s pretty damn cool, right? Well, it gets completely overshadowed by the poor choice in names, lyrics and imagery.

The title tracks included, “Show Me Your Tits,” “Barnyard Love” and “Give Head or Die.” You can listen to a few of these tracks on their very unpopular MySpace page.

Thankfully the band didn’t survive what ever condition was ailing them.

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