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10 Vintage Badass Bootleg Black Bart Tees

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10 Vintage Badass Bootleg Black Bart Tees

Vintage Bootleg Simpsons tees have become quite a hot commodity in recent years. This list was inspired by the cool cats over at Bootleg Bart on Facebook, photos compliments of them and their community.

1. You Can’t Touch This

Black Bart Bulls Air Jordan Tee

This one’s a triple slam dunk in the trademark infringement department. Sure to piss off Nike/Jordan, The Bulls and The Simpsons. Throw some MC Hammer lyrics in for good measure.

2. “Say No to Drugs”

Black Bart Bust a Move PSA Tee

Bootleggers with a conscience? Or do the quotes make it tongue-in-cheek? We’re not fully sure what’s going on in this mish-mash of messages.

3. Black With Attitude

BWA NWA Black Bart T-Shirt

We suppose this is a little more PC than NWA. But what we really don’t understand are those little hairs over Bart’s ear?

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bart

Teenage Mutant Turtle Bart T-Shirt

They infringed on two copyrights, but then decided to spell “cowabunga” with a ‘K’ just to be safe.

5. Rude Bart

Rasta Bart Simpson T-Shirt

Definitely puts the Rude in Rude Boy.

6. Reggae Simpsons

Reggae Simpsons T-Shirt

Family portrait.

7. He’s the Mandela

Mandela Bart t-Shirt

Due to Mandela being a politician it might actually be legal to use his image on a t-shirt.

8. Bart Got Back

Big Ol' Butt Bart T-Shirt

Bart was into big butts and came clean about it well before Sir Mix-a-Lot did. The quotes are compliments of LL Cool J and Special Ed.

9. Raiders of the Bart

LA Raiders Black Bart tee

Bo Knows Bootlegs.

10. M.C. Bart

MC Hammer Black Bart T-Shirt

Please copyright lawyers, don’t hurt ’em!

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