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The Facts About Old Socks Will Knock Yours Off


The Facts About Old Socks Will Knock Yours Off

Old socks, in used and mint condition, are leaving their own footprints on the vintage clothing community. Men’s 1950s socks regularly fetch between $10-$50 when sold through eBay auctions. Looks like “this little piggy” now goes to the online marketplace. A pair of used black socks featuring a gold-colored toe panel recently sold for $350. That little piggy should consider picking up a few extra shifts.

The most popular pairs are those detailed with a classic 1950s pattern that runs the length of the sock. Even the plain ones are being snapped up because most of the socks produced around that era contain a rare blend of cotton and rayon. This combination of fibers provides the best of both worlds in foot comfort.

Contrary to popular belief, rayon isn’t an artificial fiber like polyester. However, it also doesn’t occur naturally like cotton. Instead, cellulose is derived from wood pulp using elaborate processing. So it’s classified as “manufactured” yet still a by-product of something natural. This fact makes it one of the most unique fibers around. It was originally produced in the late 1800s as a less expensive alternative to silk because of its similar smooth properties.  In today’s greener world it isn’t fashionable to produce rayon because the process to create it is very un-environmentally friendly. Today, if a garment contains it, it’s usually in a lesser percentage and complimented by nylon and other synthetics.

While searching online for old socks you’ll most likely find some dirty laundry to sort through. Even regular pairs of socks are being photographed on attractive models then offered for sale via auction, or directly from specific adult sites. One can only assume those with foot-related fetishes are pulling the prices of these socks up.

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