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3500+ T-Shirts on Sale


3500+ T-Shirts on Sale

The big guys are starting 2011 off with a bang. Three of our favorite vintage t-shirt dealers are currently hosting massive sales until the end of January (and beyond.) With well over 3k discounted, surely you’ll be able to find something you’re looking for.

  • Stormcrow put everything (500+ items) at up to 50% off .
  • Wyco has their entire inventory (1400+ items) at 25% off.
  • VRW has all their goods (1500+ items) at 20% off.

…this just in…

  • ShirtsWithBalls has tees (450+ items) at up to 50% off until early February!

Sellers please don’t be shy, inform us when you’re hosting a sale!

Jimmy founded Defunkd in 2004 when he started selling vintage t-shirts online. 20 years of experience later and he hasn't looked back since. Actually, he looks back all the time given he's a sucker for nostalgia. For more, check the history of Defunkd and Jimmy's Expertise.

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