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Vintage Western Shirt Pioneer Passes Away


Vintage Western Shirt Pioneer Passes Away

papa jack a. weilJack A. Weil the CEO of Rockmount Ranchwear passed away on Wednesday August 20th, 2008.  When I first heard of his passing, I assumed it was the result of a fist fight in some saloon, or that he lost a gun draw at high noon. Isn’t that the way most cool cowboys go? But at age 107 any rough and tumble days were far behind him. No, he didn’t shoot the sheriff or even maim the deputy. His battles were fought as the top gun of his company, the still active CEO and eldest CEO in America.

“Papa Jack” Weil has been credited with a number of western shirt innovations, including, those ever-so convenient pearl snaps and the saw tooth pocket design. These features led to his shirts being worn by some of the coolest people who have ever lived, including Elvis, Dylan, Clapton and most recently by Heath Ledger in, “Brokeback Mountain”.

Plus, every person at his funeral was probably wearing one of his western shirts, how cool is that?

If you’re thinking of snapping up a vintage western shirt, pay homage to a legend and make it a vintage Rockmount.

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