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Blankets You’ll Lose Sleep Over

Vintage T-Shirts Turned Into Blankets


Blankets You’ll Lose Sleep Over

Brace yourselves. This is true and people do this. Even worse, companies actually provide this service. We’ve reported on this type of vintage t-shirt abuse before but the images have never been this disturbing. The worst part about this tragedy is the culprit is still at large and extremely proud of what he’s done. Look at how many gems were butchered for the sake of a tacky blanket! What do you guys estimate the total value of the t-shirts harmed while making this uncomforting comforter?

Jimmy founded Defunkd in 2004 when he started selling vintage t-shirts online. 20 years of experience later and he hasn't looked back since. Actually, he looks back all the time given he's a sucker for nostalgia. For more, check the history of Defunkd and Jimmy's Expertise.

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