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Hats Off to Trucker Shirts


Hats Off to Trucker Shirts

Each week we feature an interesting vintage tee that’s currently on the eBay auction block. Please feel free to link us if you create or discover an auction we might like.

Description: Vintage 1985 3D EMBLEM TRUCKER T-Shirt

Measurements: pit-to-pit: 18.5″ front collar to bottom: 24.5″

Sold by: doublesixvintage

What the Seller Says: Up for grabs here is a killer ’85 3D shirt in excellent condition. Aside from fading typical for its age and some light pilling, there’s no damage to report.

What we Say: Remember when trucker hats were all the rage? Well, elderly gentleman (playing cards on street corners) and Aston Kutcher (playing pranks) are no longer headwear trendsetters. Now, vintage trucker themed shirts are on the road to collectible and sometimes haul in a few hundred bucks. The most popular ones are usually attached to the “3d Emblem” label that has recently been surging in the vintage community.

vintage trucker t-shirt

Final Price: $37.00

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