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10 Vintage Tees Featuring Menacing Metal Mascots

Metal Mascots on Vintage T-Shirts

10 Tees

10 Vintage Tees Featuring Menacing Metal Mascots

Mascots were huge in the 1980s. McDonald’s had the playful Ronald. Wendy’s had the adorable Wendy. And Iron Maiden had Eddie the Head who was born without a body. He made his first appearance in 1980 at a Maiden concert as a paper mache construct and spawned a trend of metal bands and evil mascots.

1. Eddie aka Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden

Eddie The Head Iron Maiden

The hardest working metal mascot in show business. The GOAT. He’s showcased at every concert, has had numerous incarnations as an action figure, and starred in his own video game. Not to mention he’s embroiled the Maiden in numerous controversies, aka publicity. All hail the king.

2. Vic Rattlehead, Megadeth

Vic Rattlehead Megadeth

With his eyes covered, mouth wired shut and ears capped, he embodies, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Vic is short for victim. His surname comes from Mustaine’s mother warning him that his headbanging would impair his brain function. He probably should have listened to her.

3. Allister Fiend, Motley Crue

Alister Fiend Motley Crue

He’s listed as a narrator on Shout at the Devil, but his origins remain somewhat of a mystery. Feel free to remove him from your list of potential babysitters.

4. Snaggletooth aka War Pig, Motorhead

Snaggletooth Motorhead

This is what happens when you cross a gorilla with a wolf, a dog and then add boars for good measure. Seriously, that was the inspiration. There hasn’t been a new version of War Pig since 2007 when the original artist refused to give any more head.

5. Jack O Latern, Helloween

Jack O Latern Helloween

Just try to smash this guy the day after Halloween.

6. Manowarrior, Manowar

Manowarrior Manowar

Voted best metal mascot body by US Weekly. An obvious practitioner of P666X.

7. Murray, Dio

Murray Dio

Devil horns: check. Demonic stare: check. Intimidating physique: check. Badass name forged in the depths of hell: fail.

8. OD (Our Dude), Secred Reich

OD Sacred Reich

A gas-masked mutant from a barren wasteland. AKA Arizona.

9. Not Man, Anthrax

Not Man Anthrax

The only metal mascot bold enough to rock a mustache decades before hipsters brought it back.

10. Sargent D, Stormtroopers of Death

Sargent D Stormtroopers of Death

The band Stormtroopers of Death was inspired by Scott Ian’s doodles of Sargent D. In other words, Ian was fantasizing about another mascot while he was with Not Man.

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