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Man, I Needed VANS Breakers


Man, I Needed VANS Breakers

VANS breakers shoes

I love how there’s a shoe designed for every activity that somehow allows the user to perform at optimum levels. Whether it’s leisure, extreme or any scenario in between, relax and let the shoe’s ergonomics deal with the situation at hand.

My promising breakdancing career ended tragically when I was 13 and it was out of sight out of mind until I found this ad from 1984. Now the nightmares are back and they always start the same way: it’s my turn to represent during a heated break battle. So heated that a real fight almost breaks out… but never actually does. My best move was the moonwalk and I could do it better than Neil Armstrong. It was super smooth M.J. style, not wack choppy like most of the biters. We flipped the tape in the ghetto blaster (sadly auto-reverse had yet to be invented) and it was go time.

My move was working like a charm. My lower extremities functioned like a well oiled machine while my uppers were business as usual. Then I took one wrong turn and ventured off the mat on to rough concrete. My soles had way too much traction making it impossible to make the necessary adjustment resulting in a  sprained Achilles. After numerous failed comeback attempts all that is left of my career is this vintage breakdancing photo taken seconds before the accident.

I can’t help but think if I was wearing these VANS, I would still be breakdancing today. This pair is for sale.

vans breakers shoes

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