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Using Their Heads to Sell Vintage Shirts


Using Their Heads to Sell Vintage Shirts

eBay vintage clothing models are by far the funkiest models in the world. But lets face it, their faces never get the credit they deserve. Until now.

vintage vote best headwear

I declare a headwear war. Click on the links, view their auctions, peruse their poses and then vote for your favorite below – poll closes on Friday October 17.

1. shirtswithballs’ Professor Polyester is the master of mesh and Miss B. is the queen of the vikings.

2. All the models at the_black_barn encourage us to remember the 5th of November.

3. refreshmint’s Evan thinks t-shirts are acceptable attire in extremely cold climates.

4.  All the models over at vintagevantage have a party on their heads and everyone is invited.

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