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Every so often we feature an interesting vintage clothing piece that’s currently up for grabs on eBay. Please inform us if you create or discover an auction we might like by posting a link to the listing on our forum.

Item: vintage 1938 Soap Box Derby T-Shirt

Brand: Sport Shirt

Sold By: Vendetta_Vintage

What the Seller Says: Up for auction is a rare vintage 1938 Soap Box Derby t-shirt which I personally unearthed in a basement of an estate sale. The Blackwell Tribune is a newspaper in Blackwell, Oklahoma and through some research they have participated in the annual Soap Box Derby race since it started in 1934.

What we Say: Could this be the holy grail of vintage t-shirts? This question caused an epic debate in our forums as to the legitimacy of its age. Rin Tanaka is rumored to have chimed in and authenticated it. Check out the thread and have your say here.

Final Price: $369.99

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