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The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings

Defunkd’s exclusive collection of vintage t-shirts for sale at reasonably exorbitant prices.

Item #28: The Lord of the Rings

Year: 1978

Circulation: Rarer than the rings.

The special effects for live-action in 1978 were not advanced enough to do a Tolkien film justice, so the producers made the wise decision to animate. But many scenes in this film were actually shot traditionally with actors in costume but these frames were then retroscoped. Retroscoping is an animation technique that involves tracing over live-action which better captures its complexity resulting in a more realistic feel. It’s a little known fact that director Ralph Bakshi wanted to include the music of Led Zeppelin in the film but he was overruled by the producers who opted for an orchestral score. With the Hobbit film set to be released in 2012, this is perfect attire to out Tolkien the rest of the crowd at the premiere.

Brand: Hanes (Beefy-T)

Measurements: 20″ (pit-to-pit) 29″ (rear collar-bottom seam)

Condition: Mint vintage condition.

Variables: None.

Available for purchase here.

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