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Grail-Slide: 30 Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts From the 1980s

Vintage 1980s Skateboard T-Shirts


Grail-Slide: 30 Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts From the 1980s

After visiting numerous skateboard forums to research this post I quickly learn how massive the scope of vintage skate tees really is. Out of fear of being called a poser (flashbacks to my lame skating days in the ’80s) I enlisted the help of a godsent who has one of the largest collections of vintage skateboard tees in the world. His name is Thomas and he occasionally musters up the strength to sell one from his collection via his eBay account rubysoho08.

Skate tees are the OG mullet t-shirts, typically they had a small print on the chest and a large rear print which explains why we’ve mostly displayed the “back hit” of these. And for some reason, Stedman was their blank of choice in the early goings.

Without further ado, we present…

Top 30 Vintage 1980s Skateboard T-Shirts

Screaming Hand, Ripper, Pirate. SMA Natas, Rob Roskopp, Steve Alba, Pushead, Welinder, Bones, Skull and Sword, Thrasher Skate Rock

1. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand
2. Powell Peralta Ripper
3. Zorlac Pirate
4. Santa Monica Airlines Natas 3
5. Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp face
6. Santa Cruz Steve Alba tiger
7. Thrasher Pushead
8. Powell Peralta Per Welinder
9. Powell Peralta Ray Bones Original Skull and Sword
10.Thrasher Skate Rock

Bomber, 1987 tour, Rodney Mullen, Coffee Break, Neil Blender, Natas Kaupas, Salba Voodoo Steve Alba, Steve Caballero Bearing, Dogtown Eric Dressen, speed wheels, Steve Stedham

11. Powell Peralta Bomber
12. Powell Peralta 1987 tour
13. Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen
14. Gordon & Smith Coffee Break Neil Blender
15. Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas
16. Santa Cruz Salba Voodoo Steve Alba
17. Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Bearing
18. Dogtown Eric Dressen
19. Santa Cruz Oj speed wheels
20. Powell Peralta Steve Stedham

David Hackett, Jeff Grosso Toybox, Kevin Harris, Rob Roskopp eye, Animal Chin, Tony Hawk, SMA Boxer Kid, banner dragon, Tom Knox, Bones Brigade

21. Thrasher David Hackett
22. Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso Toybox
23. Powell Peralta Kevin Harris
24. Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp eye
25. Powell Peralta Animal Chin
26. Powell Peralta Tony Hawk
27. Santa Monica Airlines Boxer Kid
28. Powell Peralta banner dragon
29. Santa Cruz Tom Knox
30. Powell Peralta Bones Brigade

If you’re looking to snap up one of these badboys, good luck, you’d have a better chance landing a 900.

…But you can always marvel at Defunkd’s archive of vintage Skateboard tees.

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